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Only a handful of physicians in the United States actively focus on treating appendiceal cancer and they are scattered around the country. Thus, depending on your hometown, to receive care from the most experienced physicians, you may have to travel some distances for diagnosis and treatment.In addition to physical location, there are other major factors one should consider when selecting a surgical oncologist. Not all physicians follow the same protocol, even though they may all be highly skilled and experienced. You should attempt to understand the differences in protocols that may exist among the physicians you are considering for treatment. Ultimately, the treatment you receive should be as consistent as practically possible with your personal needs and priorities. Be proactive; ask questions. To maximize objectivity, have others help you with respect to this search. Make sure that you feel most comfortable with the team you have chosen to provide your first line of attack against this cancer.We have compiled the following list of physicians who “specialize” in treating appendiceal cancer. Indeed, they treat a large number of cases on a regular basis. Phone numbers, addresses and links to their respective web sites are provided. We list these physicians in alphabetical order, as APCAN does not “rank” them. We list only those practices that in our opinion represent “centers of excellence.”This list certainly should jumpstart your search. Good luck!

H. Richard Alexander Jr., M.D.

University of Maryland Medical Center
22 South Green Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Robert Barone, M.D.
Sharp Memorial Hospital
7901 Frost St.
San Diego, CA 92123

David L Bartlett, M.D.

James F. Pingpank, MD

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Cancer Pavilion
5150 Centre Avenue, Suite 415
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Jesus Esquivel, M.D.
St Agnes Hospital
900 S. Caton Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21229

Edward A. Levine, M.D.


Perry Shen, M.D.

John Stewart, M.D.
Wake Forest University, Baptist Medical Center
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

Brian W. Loggie, M.D.
Creighton University Medical Center
Division of Surgical Oncology, Suite 2803
601 North 30th Street
Omaha, NE 68131

Andrew M. Lowy, MD
University of California
Moores UCSD Cancer Center3855 Health Sciences Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093
800-926-UCSD (General Information)
858-822-2124 (to schedule an appointment)

Paul Mansfield, M.D.
Richard Royal, M.D.

The University of Texas
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030
Email: (General information)


Paul H. Sugarbaker, MD

Sugarbaker Oncology Associates
Washington Hospital Center
106 Irving St., NW, Suite 3900
Washington, D.C. 20010


APCAN has culled through many sites representing a very wide range of organizations to identify those that provide helpful information for those seeking information about appendix cancer. Given the vast amount of information on the web related to cancer generally this was no small task. We reviewed information provided by the nation’s leading cancer treatment and research centers, various advocacy groups–both big and small–as well as that provided by individuals.The sites listed below should provide a nice jump start to your task of educating yourself about the disease and treatment options. Of course, feel free to contact APCAN with any additional resources that you feel we
Informative resource from a nurse who is an appendiceal cancer survivor. Describes different kinds of appendiceal cancer and treatments; lists physicians and hospitals with extensive experience; provides links to relevant articles and survivor story. Useful for patients and health care
Link to chapter about tumors of the appendix in textbook, Cancer Medicine. In-depth description of different types of appendiceal cancer, with diagnostic features, treatment recommendations and prognosis. Useful for educated patients and
Atlas of Appendix Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, by Paul Sugarbaker, MD; Arvil Stephens, MD, Washington Hospital Center. Excellent resource guide directed primarily to physicians. Includes histopathology, CT imaging, clinical assessment criteria, pharmacokinetics of intraperitoneal chemotherapy, morphology, cytoreductive surgery, perioperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy and results of treatment. Primary audience: physicians.
List of current and recent clinical trials. From this page, do a Focused Search for appendix cancer, carcinoid tumor, pseudomyxoma peritonei.
Informative, well-organized links to journal abstracts about diagnostic criteria, treatment options and prognosis for different kinds of appendix cancer. Site established by Paul K. Shibata, MD, a pathologist in Southern California. Primary audience: physicians, with special focus on diagnostics.
Very good one-page overview of appendix cancer, with recommended treatment options. Site posted by Robert J. Miller, MD, University of California, San Francisco. Includes graph with 10-year survival statistics and chart with data about incidence and demographics of various types of appendiceal cancer. Useful for patients and health care professionals.
Excellent information for patients from organization called People Living with Cancer. Select appendix cancer from the menu. Topics include overview, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, clinical trials and research.
Great links to many articles about specific forms of appendix cancer. Site set up as links to relevant articles from many sources. Easy links to many articles that are hard to get to in other ways.
Organization called Promoting Awareness of PMP, a network of patients and caregivers. Wealth of information about every aspect of care, personal stories, news items, even recent surgeries.
Extensive information specific to carcinoid tumors. Much of the information is not relevant to patients with appendiceal carcinoid tumors. Separate links for patients and medical professionals.
Informative overviews about gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors. Separate links for patients and health professionals.
Abstracts of recent articles about biology of appendiceal cancers, treatments and research.
Search appendix cancer. Provides list of recent articles on very specific topics. Requires subscription or payment but some APCAN members may find this worthwhile.
Search appendix cancer, links to articles geared to physicians or patients. Up-to-date review of 375+ journals and other resources. Subscription only – 1-week $19.95, 1-month $44.95.
Offers links for support forums and blogs for patients with appendiceal cancer. Could be useful for patients who want to reach out.

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