About Us

Appendiceal Cancer Advocacy Network, Inc. (APCAN) is an advocacy and support organization dedicated to serving the needs of those affected by Appendiceal cancer.

APCAN was organized in 2004 by its founder and executive director, Steve Rurka, who died of this disease in 2009. His vision and determination to fight the negative effects of Appendiceal cancer are the driving force of our organization. His was not just a personal battle, but he was determined to help others facing the same battle. APCAN continues with his goals of serving those impacted by this disease.

Our Mission

APCAN’s ultimate mission is to focus national attention on the need to find a cure for appendiceal cancer. Our specific activities are varied and reflect the fact that appendiceal cancer is an “orphan” disease that has been lying in the shadows of other cancers. In addition to finding a cure for appendiceal cancer, our goal is also to make a difference in the lives of those afflicted by this cancer. No matter how small the act of APCAN, we want to help in any way we can to bring a smile to these cancer patients, families, and friends. APCAN raises money to fund ways to help in some fashion those suffering from appendiceal cancer. We look to help not only the cancer patients but also their family and friends. Our fundraising efforts serve to support our services, and as a means to raise awareness of appendiceal cancer in the community.

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