Facing Appendiceal Cancer?

Newly Diagnosed? Remember that you do not have to face cancer alone. It is natural to feel anger, fear, frustration and sadness. Keep in mind, however, that appendiceal cancer is a treatable disease. There are many resources available with a wide range of information to help you cope with your cancer diagnosis. There are teams of experts who will provide support to you and your family.

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Physician Referral

Only a handful of physicians in the United States actively focus on treating appendiceal cancer and they are scattered around the country. Thus, depending on your hometown, to receive care from the most experienced physicians, you may have to travel some distances for diagnosis and treatment. In addition to physical location, there are other major factors one should consider when selecting a surgical oncologist.

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Sponsored events are also a part of our advocacy efforts for those that are affected by Appendiceal Cancer. These events help to focus more attention on the need to find a cure for appendices cancer, bringing it out of the shadows of other cancers. Attending and participating in these events serve to support our services, and as a means to raise awareness of Appendiceal cancer in the community.

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With your help, we will continue our advocacy efforts for all those that are affected by Appendiceal Cancer.

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